Saturday, July 2, 2011

Moscow Mule!

You might be wondering how an Irish gal, born in Japan and raised in Canada, ended up with a Russian name. I think it had something to do with my mother's early love of Russian literature. Although when I made my way through Dostoyevsky in my twenties, Natasha always seemed to be the maid. Hmmm.

Sure there are plenty of Natashas around today, but few old ones. At least, in my area. It was somewhat of a novelty at the time, and any boyfriends I had in my youth were invariably called Boris by someone with great wit and originality.

When a Vladimir showed up in my French class one year, the teacher delighted in pairing us together because she loved to say Vladimir and Natashya with a thick fake Russian accent.

But that's okay. I embrace my fake Russian heritage just as I embrace my fake Japanese heritage. They are a part of me now. And if you catch me drinking Russian vodka and eating my dinner with chopsticks, you can blame my mother. I do.

All kidding aside, I have the perfect cocktail for your holiday weekend, the Moscow Mule.

That's 1½ oz Russian Standard Premium Vodka, ½ oz Lime Juice, Fevertree Ginger Beer to taste.

Simple, delicious and refreshing. And traditionally served in a copper mug, although a rocks glass would be fine too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

How to toast in Russian - from Russian Language for Lovers

To our health! (the most common toast said in Russia)
На здоровье!
(na zda-rov’-ye)

To love!
За любовь!
(za lyoo-bov’)

To happiness! 
За счастье
(za schast’-ye)


Pierce said...

Ha! I enjoyed that post. I will plan a Mule soon. As for your name (which is very sexy) I can quote Tina Fey when she said, "Whenever two or more whores gather, there is always a Tina. Thanks Mom!"

haha - lovin' me this Russian Standard!!

girlichef said...

This sounds awesome! I love ginger beer...and man, you have one of those killer copper/tin mugs, too. I want one!!

natalia said...

Ciao Bella ! What about War and Peace ? My mother called me so after the writer Natalia Ginzburg who was our neighbour . Baci

Kim said...

I'm loving that copper tin for serving. It definitely stands out next to your typical glassware.

I've never had ginger beer before but I keep seeing it in recipes and would love to try it. This looks great!

Danielle said...

Isn't it funny how our moms named us. I was named after a french exchange student LOL.
In this awful heat we're having...anything refreshing is highly desired!