Friday, July 22, 2011

Martha has a Cocktail App!

Martha Stewart Cocktails iPad App

Got an ipad? Now you can have Martha's new handy-dandy ipad cocktails app! 

Cheers to you! Sip and savor happy hour with this refreshing and extensive guide to Martha’s favorite cocktails. Mix, stir, blend, and muddle with a variety of drink recipes, barware recommendations, and even delicious bar-snack ideas.

Link to iTunes preview. 

Now, if someone could just buy me an ipad....  N


Pierce said...

Wow...I would love that app....but I have a Droid and IPad. That looks like a great app though with lots of fun browsing.

girlichef said...

But of course she does ;) ...put me on that list for an iPad...

Velva said...

We shake a lot of cocktails at our house. This would be a great app edition for my Ipad. Thanks for sharing.