Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vodka Gimlets - Beat the Heat!

In this repressive, humid, sticky swamp we call north Florida …a refreshing cocktail to beat the heat has my attention!

Continuing with our old man drinks in fancy glasses, this time we made Vodka Gimlets.

Slightly sweet, cold and totally refreshing! Our new standard for vodka is Russian Standard.

Simple ingredients.......

1.25 oz Vodka
1 oz Rose’s Lime Juice

Put ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, add the Vodka and Rose’s Lime Juice and shake that bad boy until the shaker gets frosty. Pour into chilled cocktail glasses and try not to slug it down in one gulp. For a classier look, add a twist of lime. We didn’t have any limes for the photo.

You could down these in dangerous quantities before you realized you’d crossed the line from happy to drunk. That’s why we like to enjoy our cocktails on the patio. No driving to worry about :-0

Toasting to your good health!


Kim said...

Tina - I can't even begin to imagine how hot and humid it is in Florida right now. These vodka gimlets are a good way to take the edge off. I imagine after a few of them you won't even notice how hot it is outside:O

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Love it! It is super humid here today too - but not nearly as bad as there!
Love the drink, and the photo with the pup.
I could use some vodka gimlets right about now!

girlichef said...

Ugh, humidity is my nemesis! I'm okay with heat (sorta) as long as it's not wet and sticky. But I'd come visit if you kept me plied w/ cold Vodka Gimlets ;)