Sunday, March 6, 2011

Twisted Raspberry Fizz

Looking for something a little on the sweet side with a bit of a kick? I sure was.....and boy did I find it. Not only does it give a little kick on the way down....but it sneaks up on ya a little later with another kind of a kick.

And sometimes.....that's just what the dr. ordered.

At least my doctor did. I think. I don't have the little signed prescription or anything. (did you know that it's not spelled perscription? have I really been pronouncing it wrong my whole life? LMAO!!! ya....must be a side affect of being on my second 'said prescription')

(clears throat)....aaaaaaanyways

I happen to love raspberries. But I really don't like raspberry flavored alcohol. To tastes like cough medicine. But for some reason it works in this drink. I think with the other ingredients....the medicine flavor is drowned out and what's left is just plain good. Why can't all meds be this good?

hahaha.....Cheers everyone!!!

2 oz white grape - raspberry frozen juice concentrate
2 oz raspberry flavored vodka
2 oz sprite
1.5 oz vodka
squirt of lemon juice

combine....shake....serve over ice. Garnish with raspberries if desired.


Be Happy


Deepa Praveen said...

Beautiful presentation and a lovely it

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Wow, this look so delicious! What a great drink to wake up the sleepy winter palate. I think I'll have two! (And of course by two I mean eight) ☺

girlichef said...

ha ha ha ha!! I have heard of that side effect when given this perscription ;) But seriously, I think I have my prescription for this somewhere and that I need to call it it today! Want two (by Natashya's definition).

Kim said...

I love this drink with the pretty little raspberries floating on top. I bet it's easy to drink two (or maybe even 8).