Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Do You Make a Pirate Float?

A couple of tasty types of booze and some cream. Why? What were you thinking?

If you are in a Pirate kind of mood, and of course I refer to the tasty gentleman below and not to the sweaty beasts who man actual pirate ships, what you need is a sweet and refreshing beverage  to complement your swashbuckling evening. No, not yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Something girly. With cream. So you can feel delicate and feminine while you wait for Johnny Depp to whisk you away. What? It could happen.

Pirate Float
10,000 Drinks

1 part Spiced Rum
1 part Rootbeer Schnapps
1 part Vanilla Vodka
1 part Cream

Shake with ice, pour into a tall glass or cocktail glass of choice.
Speak with terrible pirate accent for as long as you can get away with it.


Spryte said...


Kate said...

I am ready for either pirate but alas I can only have the one that I can make and drink...and dream!

cantbelieveweate said...

Being a dyed in the wool root beer lover, this one is right up my galley!

girlichef said...

I've been waiting for that pirate for years!! I'll settle for the frilly one for now ;)