Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Throw Out those Orange Peels!

They're worth their weight in gold. Okay, in Cointreau, which is rather expensive.

Say you're making a lovely orange tart, and have supremed and segmented five gorgeous oranges and now have a rather large pile of peels all orange and glowing and pleading with you not to put them into the municipal compost. They have other things in mind. Like vodka. Seriously.

Push those peels into a mason jar, and add some nice, oily coffee beans if you are a coffee lover, add a few tablespoons of sugar, fill with vodka and shake. (Shake after you have secured the lid - but if you haven't figured that out yet, you may not need any more vodka in your system.)

Put your lovely jar in a nice cool place, such as your basement, and give a shake once in a while as you are walking by. In a couple of weeks, strain into a nice little bottle. You will have a very strong liqueur now. If you prefer it milder, mix with simple syrup to taste to mellow it out.

Makes for a delicious after dinner sipper!


Kim said...

You mean I have to put the lid on before I shake it? LOL! I'm getting ready to supreme some oranges, but I'm ashamed to say that I'm all out of vodka because this sounds like a great idea!

girlichef said...

Awesome, I must make some!