Friday, December 31, 2010

Mulled Wine

What would winter be without mulled wine? It is the perfect antidote to frozen toes and a stuffy nose and that peculiar sadness from a before-dinner sundown.

A nice bottle of your favourite vino, simmered with warming spices, is the perfect thing to thaw your heart and, as a bonus, make your home smell wonderful. Lana simmers hers on the stove, you can also make this in your crock pot.




    * 750ml red fruity wine, like Zinfandel or Argentine Malbec
    * 3-4 Tbsp sugar
    * 1 orange, peeled, cut in slices
    * 3-4 whole cloves
    * 1 star anise (optional)


Combine all of the ingredients in a stainless steel pot and heat to boil on high. Turn the temperature to low and simmer, covered, 20-30 minutes. Serve in glasses with a piece of cinnamon and a piece of orange peel.

From: Lana of Bibberche


Pam said...

Plus your house smells so good while it's simmering!

girlichef said...

Oh, Indeed...mulled wine makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! I like it ;)

Kim said...

I think some of this mulled wine would hit the spot right now ;-)

P.S. I desperately want a set of those glasses. They're gorgeous.

Diana's Cocina said...

You know I have never tried mulled wine. It something that is a must try ~ and I'm all for using the crock pot. Happy new year ladies!