Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stocking the Bar - Glassware

In which I tell you to buy twelve different kinds of glasses...
Now that you are stocking your bar you will want to make sure you have all the classic glasses. Sure, you could make a martini in a wine glass or beer stein but the experience just won't be the same. Having the right glass for the drink makes all the difference and will make you feel like a pro. There are, of course, infinite variations on each glass type, but start out with some clear ones with classic lines in the beginning. You can always add colour and zany shapes later.
Look for sales and even garage sales. Home bar-tending needn't be the prerogative of the wealthy.
Beer. I like a tall glass like this one as it can double for icy sodas for the designated driver or even a milkshake. Steins and classic beer mugs are also lots of fun.

Nothing is as elegant as a classic champagne glass. Tall and thin, it keeps those precious bubbles from vanishing too quickly.

You will want some tall, straight-sided glasses for mixed drinks like a collins, they are also great for a layered or graduated drink as the straight sides showcase the colours beautifully.

A cosmo glass is the little cousin to the martini glass. Cute and dainty, you can use it for all kinds of cocktails.

The coupe was invented for ladies, so as to let those precious bubbles mentioned above evaporate quickly. This was back when ladies didn't burp. I am glad I missed those days, but the glass is lovely and makes a nice alternative to the classic martini or margarita.

A hurricane glass is perfect for your fruity, showcase cocktails. It is built for showing off colour and adornments. Fruit, picks, straws... you name it. The more the merrier for this fun glass.

Of course you need to have a good supply of wine glasses. Red (big bowl for swirling and sniffing), white (smaller bowl for concentrating the aromas) and stemless (for fun).

The margarita is the standard glass for the... margarita! Look for a strong rim, as you will be rimming your margarita glasses in salts and sugars and all sorts of interesting garnish.

The martini glass became an iconic glass as of late and lends itself to many cocktails beyond the confines of the classic martinis.

The rocks glass is a no-nonsense type of glassware. Sturdy and heavy on the bottom, it is for straight-up and on-the-rocks types of drinks.

The brandy snifter is another elegant vessel, you just feel like a philosopher when you hold it, don't you? Of course you have them for brandy, but they can also be used for lovely brandy-based cocktails.

And shooters. Lots of fun on the side of a drink or in-between rounds. They can even double up as measuring cups if you know what the volume is. I like to drop a shooter into a beer once in a while, so make sure your glassware is sturdy enough for such shenanigans.

Now that you have the proper glassware, there is no end to the wonderful drinks you can create.

Next in the Stocking the Bar series - Tools and Accessories.


Kim said...

Every time I go shopping for glasses I always want to buy them all. If only I had bigger cabinets:) I've been wanting to get some of those stemless wine glasses for awhile.

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Kim - I am the same way! You don't even want to know how many glasses I have. In fact I don't even know. I had Charles build me a cabinet for my bar glasses. Really big cabinet. ☺
Stemless glasses are chic and fun and you can even build terrines (layered dishes, often desserts) in them.

Spryte said...

I totally wish I had the space for an awesome stock of bar glasses!!

Sandy Smith said...

An awesome post! Thanks for this!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Thanks ladies, you guys are the best!

Kim said...

I'm totally lovin' on your idea for using the stemware glasses for layered desserts. Now I no longer just want them.....I NEED them - LOL!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Ooops! Meant to type Verrines! As in French for glass..
Anyway, yes, desserts look really elegant that way.

pigpigscorner said...

I wish I have more space at home!