Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mad Men Cocktail Culture App

I would have been a much better, and friendlier, employee - if we were able to open a bottle of scotch in the morning and sip all day - stopping only for meetings and the occasional nap on the couch.
Seems I was born too late for anything good. Of course, they didn't have Google back then. We all have our crosses to bear.
The good people (do we know they are good? well, we know they are fun!) at AMC's Mad Men have come up with a handy-dandy iphone app that lets you whip up cocktails in true 1960s style. Now if only I had an iphone...

from AMC:
Think you can make an Old Fashioned as good as Don Draper can (or a Tom Collins as deftly as daughter Sally)? AMC's Mad Men Cocktail Culture game challenges your skills at making popular cocktails of the '60s.
How much vodka do you pour in a Gimlet? Do you shake or stir a Martini? What glass do you use for a Blue Hawaiian? Get everything right, and Roger Sterling just may just invite you to his next party!
Once you've made your virtual cocktail, you can drink it yourself and also share your results with a friend. Just for fun or when getting ready for the next episode of Mad Men, this app lets you master the art of cocktail making -- in Mad Men style.

  • 21 drink cocktail guide for FREE.
  • 10 additional cocktails to prepare with PURCHASE.
  • Mad Men inspired feedback on your bartending skills.
  • The ability to share your cocktail results via Facebook Connect.
  • Access to the Mad Men broadcast schedule and Mad Men on the iTunes store.

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Kim said...

Looks like a fun app! Unfortunately, I don't have an iphone either, but that's okay with me. My husband has one and I can't seem to operate it at all. I'm very technically challenged!