Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deb's Raspberry Sake Sparkler

From Kahakai Kitchen:

I have a penchant for buying many cute little bottles of sparkling sake at the Japanese market. They are fun, the perfect size for a couple of cocktails, and it gives me a chance to try out different kinds without making a commitment to a large bottle. This pretty pink one is called "Hana-Awaka" which according to the label means "Sparkling Flower." The label describes is as "Gently sweet with balanced tartness, complements sweet dishes or desserts."

It is quite delicious on its own, but sometimes a girl needs a pretty sparkling cocktail to help her relax after a crazy week. The pink bottle and some organic raspberries in my fridge made me think of the bottle of raspberry framboise sitting in my bar and thus the Raspberry Sake Sparkler was born. It is lightly sweet, bubbly and elegant.

Raspberry Sake Sparkler
by Deb, Kahakai Kitchen

raspberry liqueur (I used framboise)
sparkling sake (or a sparkling wine or champagne)
fresh raspberries to garnish

In a champagne flute, place 2 Tbsp of raspberry liqueur. Top with sparkling sake and serve, garnished with fresh raspberries.

Notes/Results: Very good--bubbly, sweet, but not too sweet, and with a nice raspberry flavor. Quick and simple, this is a perfect cocktail for a warm summer's afternoon or evening. If you can't find sparkling sake, any slightly sweet sparkling wine or champagne would work. I will make this again.

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Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

That little pink bottle is so fricking cute! If I bought it I might not be able to open it, it is too adorable.